Cathedral of the Romanian Viticulture, as I.C. Teodorescu, Pietroasa can only be Pietroasa, a place blessed by God to be a house for the vine and a fountain of unspoiled wine.

Pietroasa is tradition, continuity, performance and, in a word, excellence.

Pietroasa is a treasure we have inherited, we keep it with holiness, and we pass it on. If we are past, Pietroasa is eternal!

The return of Pietroasa to the University of Agronomic Sciences and Veterinary Medicine Bucharest after almost 50 years of separation is a reparative act, but it also requires a great responsibility: to continue the development of the resort on all its plans.

As far as the research activity, is concerned, it will be integrated into the research plan of the Department of Winegrowing and Wine-making and in the general research program of the university.
A special emphasis will be placed on the continuation of the clonal selection activity with a particular focus on the Romanian varieties of vines: Tămâioasă românească, Busuioacă de Bohotin, Grasă de Cotnari, Fetească neagră, Băbească neagră, etc.

The most valuable clones will be registered and patented, and will be commercially exploited.

In this context, rational exploitation of Romanian vine varieties and clones requires a sustainable management based on scientific knowledge. We will develop for each genotype the appropriate cultural techniques for obtaining high quality productions.

Also, the maximum yields specific to the variety or clone will be determined and their oenological potential assessed.

As far as wine-making research is concerned, it will pursue the development of technologies specific to the authorized and recommended assortment at Pietroasa for high-quality wines. Quality and uniqueness will be the two features of Pietroasa wines.

New wines will be launched under the Pietroasa Veche brand, which will bear the unique footprint of these places.

Research on organic viticulture will be continued and production results will be expanded into production, going until organic wine is obtained.

The enrichment of the ampelographic collection with new varieties and clones will continue. Also, comparative cultures will be set up with varieties of the Romanian and world assortment. A special place will be the testing of grape varieties of grapes with seeds and aphires, in conditions of culture protected in a modern system.

Testing of new rootstock selections will also be an important subject of the research program.

Considering the old tradition of studying and cultivating some species of fruit, as well as the exceptionally natural conditions, small areas of land will be set up compared to thermophilous species from the group of nuts and other new tree species.

By all possible means, the reorganization and equipping of research laboratories with modern equipment will be continued.

The educational activity will be resumed at Pietroasa by reopening the specialized practice center. At the same time, conditions will be created for the research carried out in the case of dissertation and doctoral dissertations.

The accommodation and the dining areas will be refurbished so that the students spend a longer period of time in the resort.

Depending on the needs and requests, short courses will be organized to qualify or train farmers in the area with on-demand programs.

The production activity will be further developed from three main components: production of vineyard material, grape production and production of high quality wines.

Regarding the activity in the vineyard school, the main activity is to provide the initial biological material from the pre-basic, basic and certified biological categories and to preserve it in the Biosphere Reserve in Istriţa.

It will be followed by the establishment of the mother plantations of rootstocks with the highest degree of prestige at the center of the wine-growing center and with maximum affinity with the varieties which, by tradition, ensure maximum quality in the Pietroasa assortment.

Most of the clones with special qualities will be multiplied and best suited to the ecopedoclimatic conditions in the area of the wine-growing center, so that, as soon as possible, the plantations will be carried out only with the clones of the superior clone and not the variety of the variety.

In order to increase yields in the vineyard, the material base for biological material preservation, grafting, paraffinization and for forcing grafted cuttings will be modernized.

Concerning the production of grapes, the program for the conversion of vineyards to fruit will be continued through the establishment of authorized and recommended plantations in the Pietroasa Viticulture and Winemaking Research and Development Station.

At the same time, the re-establishment of new plantations with high-quality seedlings from their own clones will continue.

The crop technology in existing plantations will be improved by applying modern technological links focusing on reducing inputs and increasing the quality of grape production. The water storage basin will be rehabilitated and drip irrigation systems will be installed on certain surfaces.

As far as the wine production is concerned, it is necessary to modernize the technological flow for the obtaining of high quality, competitive wines on the domestic and foreign market.

This is possible by improving the primary winemaking segment (grape processing, the crushing process after the chopping process, shortening the milling route by giving up small diameter pipes with elbows and a long track, conditioning the winery, fermenting must at controlled temperatures, etc.).

In the very near future a new space will be built for the conditioning and bottling of wines, endowed with state-of-the-art equipment.

All the necessary activities will be undertaken to carry out certification within the “Cloşca cu puii de aur” Association and to promote it on the market.

The dissemination of the results and the collaboration with the viticulturists in the area will remain a constant concern of the staff in the resort.

Direct technical assistance will be provided to private winegrowers for reorientation to multiplication of planting material, new plantings by cultivation of native varieties and their clones, application of modern technologies in vine plantations.

An important role will be the dissemination of the results of scientific research to the viticulturists in the area through informative materials and practical demonstrations in the pilot plantations focusing on modern technologies and the ways to follow.

An important task will be to issue recommendations for combating diseases and pests of vines based on forecasting and warning activity.

Periodically, farmers will be informed about their pesticides and their efficacy, drawing up treatment schemes that they can apply.

We will continue to support wine growers in the area in obtaining wines in the Wine-making Complex of S.C.D.V.V. Pietroasa, in order to comply with the wine-making techniques authorized for the production of quality wines with a Designated Origin.

Most of the above activities will be carried out within the legal framework of the Viticulture Association, “Cloşca cu puii de aur”, in order to make better use of the products obtained.

Agrotourism activity will be re-launched by re-enacting Pietroasa Resort in Romania’s agro-touristic circuit. This implies the modernization of accommodation and catering facilities, the organization of tourist routes in the Pietroasa area and in Buzău County.

It is necessary to make an extension of the Wine Route that started in Prahova County, as the Pietroasa Viticultural Center is an integral part of the Dealu-Mare vineyard.

The Pietroasa resort, through its group of specialists, will be able to offer potential visitors: wine tastings, visits to plantations, accommodation and meals, visits to the wine plant and wine cellar. This, beyond the historical objectives and natural beauty of the location!

As for potential visitors, they will understand that tasting is a lesson on wine, and knowing how to appreciate a drop of wine in a glass is a culture of culture.

The golden book of the resort is a proof that any field of human activity can send its ambassadors, regardless of the language in which they praise the visit to Pietroasa, no matter how they leave a trace, whether it be a letter, either an ideogram or a she draw!

Anyone who can find at Pietroasa Resort something to learn and visit: the history of the places, the history of the treasure, the wine and its medals, the wine removal, their association with dishes, the therapeutic value of the wines of Pietroasa and, last but not least, technical guidance on culture which has become in recent years a preoccupation for many fellow citizens.

Pietroasa is waiting for you. Visit and visit!