At Pietroasa, the production of vineyard material has an old tradition, the first vines being grafted in 1893. At present, the resort produces rootstock cuttings, grated roots and grafted vines, both from the clones and varieties obtained in the research unit, as well as from other varieties.
Grafted clusters of the clones obtained by the resort: Tămâioasă românească 36 Pt and 5 Pt; Grasă de Cotnari 4 Pt and 45 Pt., Busuioacă de Bohotin 26 Pt., Băbească Neagră 94 Pt., Fetească neagră 10 Pt. Rooted grape varieties of newly created varieties: Otilia, Timpuriu de Pietroasa, Centenar Pietroasa, Istriţa, Alb aromat.

Development of the base of production of the viticultural material from the superior biological categories in 2005-2009

In the years 2005 – 2009, 3 cuttings were created for the production of graft roots and rootstocks with rooted cuttings, free of viruses, the basic “biological” category derived from multiplying sera from I.N.C.C.D.B.H. Ştefăneşti.

In 2005, German grafted vines from the “basic” biological category were imported for multiplication and their study under the conditions of Pietroasa.

In the period 2007-2009 a rootstock plantation was established on the basis of the “basic” biological category with the varieties Berlandieri x Riparia SO4-4 and Berlandieri x Riparia Kober 5 BB Crăciunel selection 2.

In the spring of 2008, a parent planting of grafting roots with grafted vines of the “certified” biological category was set up.

In the vineyard, year-round, both grafted and rooted cuttings are made from the material obtained in the cuttings, in order to establish plantations producing graft roots and rootstocks, to satisfy the need for planting material for the resort as well and for various beneficiaries.