The Pietroasa Viticulture and Winemaking Research and Development Station offers to all wine lovers and vineyard history a full tour through the wine cellar in order to enter this world of wine not only through a bottle of wine but also through the place where it is born.

Those who want to see the stages of the technological flow and the equipment that helps the whole process of winning the wine, are invited to request such a visit.

The resistances in the event of a trip to the resort are: rough and thematic tasting.

  • Hrubá has over 100,000 bottles deposited over time and with which I obtained medals at all the contests I participated in
  • Tasting in a possible visit is done according to what the group wants. The number of wines tasted, the choice of the variety from which the wine was obtained, the category it belongs to, the young wine or the wine cellar, all can be chosen according to the wishes of the whole group.

For such a visit, the group needs to be composed of a minimum of 15-20 people and must contact by phone or email at least 5 days in advance to establish the terms and conditions.

You’re welcome!
PHONE: +40 786 716 825